How to Do the Thing You’re ‘Too Old’ & ‘Too Scared’ to Do

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My second ebook is out! This time self-published by yours truly.

I call it Bucket Listers, Get your Brave On: How to Do the Thing You’re ‘Too Old’ & ‘Too Scared’ to Do.

More than anyone, I wrote it for myself.

Because while some things that scare others come easy to me (mostly after years of practice) like…

So I’m humble, grateful, and dancing my little arse off!

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Yes, indeedy, Sweetie! I did it!

Not by myself. I had a lot of help from my friends. But still!

My new book went live on Amazon Sunday, August first, selling 96 copies!

Ninja Writers Guide to Character Development: Creative Blogging got its start right here on Humor! Authenticity! Magic…

Middle-Pause Pump-Priming Prompt

So that afterward, all that’s left is what you truly want

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I have too much stuff in my life!

Am I alone in this? I think not.

Yet this time of year, we often focus on what we lack and what we want.

We discover our intentions, set goals, and make plans to get and/or do more of exactly that.

But here’s a question:


Just has to be an essential part of a Heart Revolution!

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I just read this post by Filza and it filled me with light.

Was it her light? Or some quality of Universal Holy Light?

Does it matter?

I believe we are all beings of light.

Yet I also understand that we operate at various vibrations throughout our life journeys and…


Cause WTF! We’re melting!

Two angry girls yelling against a background of melting glaciers
Photos by Eldad Carin and SHOTPRIME, image collaged by author in

And we’re taking you with us!

We being the two polar ice caps at the top and the bottom of your world folks. You can ignore us all you want, but you can’t live without us.

Speaking as the Northern Hemisphere’s Polar Ice Cap AKA North Pole, your emphasis is…


Because conversations have the power to change hearts

Photo by fauxels, image collaged by author in

I first heard about this book on National Public Radio.

It turns out the author, award-winning journalist, Celeste Headlee, is a broadcaster for NPR.

Last November, Here and Now interviewed her about her new book, Speaking of Race.

Ms. Hardee is a perfect person to write this book.

She identifies…

Marilyn Flower

Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, writer, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer?

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