Roar, women, roar!

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Women! We’ve been in the shadows and behind the scenes for way too long.

It’s time to sing our songs, blow our own horns, naming and claiming who we are and what we’re up to in the world.

Whether it’s out of timidity, fear, low self-worth, or ‘good manners,’ enough is enough! The world needs our gifts and talents. Period. The world needs our light to see things from our perspective — which is one of our gifts.

So now is not the time to hold back. Now is the time to shine!

Remember what Marianne Williams says:

Our deepest…

So I’m humble, grateful, and dancing my little arse off!

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Yes, indeedy, Sweetie! I did it!

Not by myself. I had a lot of help from my friends. But still!

My new book went live on Amazon Sunday, August first, selling 96 copies!

Ninja Writers Guide to Character Development: Creative Blogging got its start right here on Humor! Authenticity! Magic! As my response to BYOB — the Blog Your Own Book challenge.

Or in my case, Blog your Own Bestseller! Cause it is, at the moment anyway. The moment being day two. …

Middle-Pause Pump-Priming Prompt

Come out of the shadows and step into the light

A woman stands beaming in front of a brightly colored mural full of hearts or birds
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Few people can walk in your shoes. You are the only one that knows your obstacles, challenges, and struggles. Be proud of yourself and the progress you’ve made. ~ Edmond Mbiaka

Do you give yourself enough credit? Do you applaud your own milestones? Or do you hide your light under a bushel?

We women are notorious for shinning the light on everyone but ourselves. Starting with our children, and fanning out from there, we’re the great encouragers, cheerleaders, and motivators.

How often do we use those skills on ourselves?

Sometimes we make light of what we’re up to. It’s so easy to stay modest and humble so as to…

Friday Prompt

Thanks to Don Miguel Ruiz and his First of Four Agreements

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All the magic you possess is based on your word ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

How purposeful am I in my life?

It depends on how I define purpose. To me, there’s the capital “P” purpose, the big purpose of my life. And the lower case “p” purposes reminding me to be clear about why I’m doing a particular thing.

Because my life works better when I am intentional with my time. I’m either spending it or investing it.

For example, my overarching capital “P” Purpose is to spread my love, lore, and luminosity through writing and publishing.

And yet another way to connect with Spirit

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Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul. ~ Thomas Mann

I’m now being treated for anxiety.

This may not sound like it, but it’s a blessing. Given I feared the heart palpitations, shortness of breath and hot flushes keeping me from sleeping were some kind of “cardiac event” as the EKG technician called it, this is much better. Something I can work with and address.

My psychologist sent me breathing exercises, muscle relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices, which I am doing.

But given my bent for humor and comedy, why not start a laughter practice?

After all, laughter has umpteen…

With a wide variety of fruits, veggies, and herbs!

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What are you growing?

That could be literally like Margie’s bush beans and all the other veggies, fruits, and herbs in her garden, heirloom or otherwise.

That could be metaphorical, like the strong abs and coping skills Marilyn is growing from taking her daily dose of Laughter medicine.

It could be a whole life with newfound meaning via writing, like Tara’s

What are you growing in the garden of your life?

That could be Mary’s lifelong love of plants carrying on a family tradition.

That could be Katie’s planting seeds of humorous confidence in her soul by taking a spider…

Wednesday Prompt

Without a Doubt, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger God!

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Doubt everything. Find your own light. ~ Buddha

It’s healthy and natural to distrust. It’s also easy and natural to trust.

Life is a delicious dance between the two and I dare say those who respect and honor their doubts are well on their way to cultivating a deeper, stronger faith.

After all, we don’t need strong faith on the good days, right? We test our faith going through pain and trauma or dark nights of the soul. …

We don’t need a reason to laugh, even though they abound

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Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors.
~ Norman Cousins

You may or may not know, I’m being treated for anxiety.

Which is way better than being treated for a “cardiac event,” as the technician called it while hooking me up to the EKG machine in the ER a few weeks ago.

Actually, I am grateful.

Grateful that the heart palpitations, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and hot flushes are apparently not from a heart condition. The EKG, blood work, CAT scan, and chest X-ray all came back normal. Yay!

So now that I…

Sexy Satire

We’ve got bigger fish to fry, thank you very much

Seven fluffy puppies resting on door step, all cute!
Well maybe Roz Warren does, but we sure don’t! Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

Let us say it again:

We don’t want to hear about your sex life.

We don’t want to hear about how you found the love of your life and he pleases you for hours on end, making you scream and holler till the cows come home.

We have emails to answer and figuring out Instagram is taking a lot longer than we anticipated.

We also don’t want to hear about how said lover has a magical tongue that can be in two places at once — the sweet spot and the “G” spot while you take him in your mouth…

Many choices to fill your story basket!

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You know how they say, when it rains, it pours?

Well, we’ve been blessed with a steady stream of stories filling our in basket. We editors at Middle-Pause are grateful even as we stay busy getting everything ready for publication.

These are the most recent since our last newsletter and there are more in the queue coming to you very soon! So stay tuned.

In the meantime, our spicey selection contains lots of fun and laughter as well as prickles of joy from Debbie. Catherine’s learned how to find humor in potential aggravations.

Congratulations to Taressa and her husband who…

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