Oxygen For the Soul: Creative Arts in a Pandemic

My top 3 operatically connected inspirational posts

Marilyn Flower


Let me start off with this piece by Sean P. Durham, which is about how vital the arts are at crucial times, such as this. He asserts:

The thing about the human race is that it loves a big challenge to bring the best out in itself.

He shares moving examples of how artists and writers have stayed connected to their craft during the most horrific of times, on battlefields, for example. And the creative ways they found to do that.

Which brings to my mind the true story of the power of music to ignite and unite the human soul during WW I. This story of a holiday truce which brought the soldiers out into no man’s land to share their meager rations and celebrate together across enemy lines is depicted in the songs, Christmas in the Trenches, Christmas 1915 and a film, Joyeux Noel.

The order-defying bravery began with a German opera singer belting out Ave Maria, with much the same passion as we saw recently when Maurizio Marchini gifted the Italian air with his rich tenor voice.

Sean writes: Fear causes us to forget to live. It petrifies the soul and turns it to stone.

He reminds us we have a choice in how we respond to this crisis. We can stock up on toilet paper. Or we can go out on our balconies, porches, back or front yards, and sing!

Speaking, or writing of opera…

Opera is a connecting thread for me in these pieces. Like the next writer, Ryan Frawley, I too have been enjoying the free Live Streaming nightly HD opera series generously shared by the New York Metropolitan Opera, or Met for short. And like Ryan, musical and inspirational threads have woven themselves into my posts.

Ryan is one of my favorite writers on Medium. He writes exquisitely poetically about philosophical constructs like space and time. But with such vivid, sensual detail from his…



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